Please add icons/themes choices for the close/minimise/maximise buttons.

  • Capture-20200911204314-105x49.png

    Such as maybe MacOS style, Windows style, Adwaita, etc...

  • @TheQuantumAlpha You can use the native window. Anyway, button styles for Windows and macOS are already available, but providing all the different ones for Linux is completely futile. There is no sensible target. But we have modifications, the buttons are just svgs, which you can create and edit in yourself native. Share your results.

  • @luetage Yeah, I know how it works.

    If it's that easy, should be easy to implement in the CSS/Javascript UI as well.

    A simple dropdown menu displaying choices... Its not like it is some C++ that you have to recompile, or even better, ASM... Thus, A browser written in Assembly sounds like a fun idea... 🤔

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