Does anyone actually use sync?

  • When I share a link from android to a desktop it takes DAYS (yes, days!!) for it to pop up on the desktop.

    When I use Sync on a Linux Mint it never works. It asks for a password but then doesn't work anyway. And I don't even use a password on that system. My system user still has one (it's just not used to get to the desktop) and for some reason vivaldi wants to get that password. But then sync is still always disabled. And the password prompt doesn't even allow me to just not enter the password. It's just annoying and useless.

    Am I the only one with these problems or do people just not use sync?

  • @dulcetAirman
    Hi, I use auto log in for my user account on Opensuse Tumbleweed but I have to use a password to open Vivaldi.
    This is managed by Kwallet on Opensuse.
    Gnome use Keyring to encrypt passwords, I guess there is a tool to manage the Keyring settings.
    Iirc it is possible to deactivate Keyring on Mint/Ubuntu.

    Cheers, mib
    EDIT: I use sync since it was implemented, some small problems as doubled notes, bookmarks etc..

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    @dulcetAirman Vivaldi can not access its login database if you use Autologin on your Linux account.
    And the best way is to have same password for the keyring and Linux account.

    On my Debian 10 and Ubuntu 20 Sync works nice with Vivaldi.

    Hmm, strange. Today my Android get only updated bookmarks when i restarted it.
    Seems Sync is failing.

  • @dulcetAirman said in Does anyone actually use sync?:

    do people just not use sync?

    Me = never.

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    Added bookmakrs synced after a restart of Vivaldi. Irritating.

  • This is the message. The login can't be screenshot as it's from the OS.
    I would expect that I have to type in a password to change the system. i.e. when I change settings, install/update software. Not to start a browser!!!
    So if this approach requires access like this then sync was simply implemented in a way that is not what the user wants. I don't use sync to store my passwords anyway. Just my bookmarks. I wouldn't mind if vivaldi requires a proper login protection to the system when it is used to sync passwords. But that's not what I want to use it for.

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