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  • Now yes the title may be a bit confusing (sorry), but I've got this idea/request I would like to see in Vivaldi and I've made this forum post to describe it the most as I can despite in theory this feature should be simple. Anyways thank you for taking the time to read this...

    Before getting into this, just a disclaimer:

    • This is my first time on this forum (and in my entire life);
      -May not reach your expectation;
      -Tried to make it as clean as possible;
      -Meanwhile, I know to use a forum;
    • I've tried to check if this request wasn't done before, but I'm not sure;
      -So if it was: Pardon me;
    • This post is long and look like a text (I know);
    • My English may be bad;
    • Not sure if this post should go in the "Settings subcategory";

    Now let's get started:

    My idea is to add a way to tell the Vivaldi browser to automatically put specific downloaded files in a location other than the default download location (The default location still exists).

    We do this by telling where files with the specific file extension will go.
    For example, you can ask the browser to:

    • Put PNG files, JPEG files, BMP files, GIF files [...] in your Picture folder;
    • Put MP4 files, AVI files, M4V in your video folder;
    • Do the same thing with the musics/audios, documents, 3D objects or other folders.
      Or you could go with exceptions, for example, you can:
    • Put PNG files in the documents folder.

    Meanwhile, files that you didn't ask to put in a specific location will go in the default download location.

    I'm not done describing everything, but I suppose that by now you understand my idea.

    The goal of this feature is to:

    • Increase productivity;
    • Give more control in download management;
    • Have a cleaner download folder or "default download location folder".

    How does it should work (with images):

    This may be dumb to describe all of this but here it is anyway:

    All of this should be done in your Browser's settings in the download section which look something like this (without the feature):

    download section2.png

    And now it could look like this (this is an example don't take too seriously):

    download section3.png

    That listed box "Exceptions" is what allows telling your browser to do my idea:


    The buttons under the box should work as you expect:

    • "Edit selected exception" allows modifying an exception (This button is optional)
    • "Remove selected exception" allows deleting an exception.
    • "New exception" makes new ones.

    When pressing the New/Edit should open a pop-up allows change or set the exception settings:

    • File extension
    • Directory (e.g. C:\Users[User name]\Pictures)

    Like the usual selection is done by clicking of course

    All of this should correctly with the 4 checkboxes under:

    • If "Save files to Default Location Without Asking" is unchecked and this pop-up like this show up:
      Then pressing either "Save" or "Open" will use the default location unless if there is an exception.

    • If "Update Default Location When Choosing Save as Location" is checked:
      Then should either update the default or exception location depending on if it's using the exception or the default location

    • The last 2 checkboxes doesn't matter with all of this.

    Now, remember: All of this is a pre-made example and if this feature gets added, the final could always be different (All of this is an approximation).


    Thanks for reading my feature suggestion it really means to me:

    I should also thank the Vivaldi browser's devs team for making an amazing internet browser.
    I've been using it for a few months and I got to admit it, I've fallen in love with it.

    Can't wait to see where the future brought this browser.

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    @PockyX Welcome to the Community. You obviously spent a lot of time on creating your request, but it already exists. I do think your suggested solution is consistent with the way that the Settings dialog is designed. An exceptions list for file types would be neat.

    Here are a few links for your bookmarks that you may find useful:

    Unless I missed something, this is the same request as Support for MIME Types, which is one of the top voted requests. Opera 12.18 gives users even more than choosing a download location; one can also choose to open certain file types, and which program/plugin to use for that.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Pesala

    It's a shame that it already exists without me noticing it (kinda feel bad).

    Anyways, thanks for reading and responding.

    Yes, I spent hours on this post (My bad, I was aware of this).

    I also like this because it is very descriptive.

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    @PockyX Feel free to add your suggestions to the other thread if you want.

    I could merge them if you want (click my profile and send me a private message if you want that)

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