Vivaldi on Android: Configurable Address Bar and Tab Bar, full-page blocking

  • Awesome!! Vivaldi for android is getting better and more easier to use with each update. Just one question, how can I join Beta?

  • Please fix the swiping left and right on the bottom bar to change tabs. It used to work, but hasn't in the last two major releases.

  • @abhinavkumar842
    Hi, search for Vivaldi snapshot in Playstore or download .apk.

    Cheers, mib

  • Great job!!...
    Mobile app is the greatest mobile browser, period...

  • It's time to make it possible to remove/rearrange the buttons on the toolbar and redesign the V menu to make every feature accessible from a single place instead of scattering them all over the UI.

  • Night mode is not possible to use in vivaldi at this moment but will this function be included in later editions Jon? best regards John.

  • Now the option should be added to move the bottom navigation items to the top, looking like the new address and tab bar at the bottom option, but at the top.

  • @Komposten said in Vivaldi on Android: Configurable Address Bar and Tab Bar, full-page blocking:

    @rluik said in Vivaldi on Android: Configurable Address Bar and Tab Bar, full-page blocking:

    Finally, very good news, Vivaldi is now bearable to use with the bottom address bar. There's space for refinements but I'm happy with the progress and confident that Vivaldi team won't disappoint with the future releases. It only gets better. Thanks! 🤩

    It seems that with the address bar set to bottom and the tab bar disabled, it's still there but hidden (is it that fine line reported above?), because I keep hitting it and accidentally switching tabs or closing them if I happen to touch where the tab/close button is supposed to be.
    Even when editing a text field the fine line is there below the address bar and above the keyboard, I can also hit it and it causes a tab switch or close. If I'm editing a long text or reading something on the page while composing and scroll back and forth I can also hit the "hidden" tab bar by mistake.

    It isn't extremely easy but you can aim it and reproduce the issue. Activating to show touches in Android's developer options might help.

    I just reported as VAB-2224.

    I reported that on one of the release candidates (VAB-2195, thread here), and mentioned it in the next RC thread after that. I'm surprised they did not fix it as it's a very noticeable and extremely annoying bug (especially when you have the on-screen keyboard open and try to scroll the tiny view you have to the webpage above it, like you say).

    Hmm so that's what making next page button almost impossible to interact, lol

    I sent 2 videos to VAB-2224 e-mail, it's sightly different than yours (I can tap the hidden tab bar with the address bar on the screen by aiming that line or swiping past it).

    I think I understand the reasoning for the release. 1 year isn't very much, the browser is still in its infancy and at this point it's more important to release new features than to fix small bugs. The schedule to get Chromium 85 out made they choose between releasing with small bugs that can be fixed in a minor update or revert the whole address bar changes, I prefer the former so we didn't have to wait for another month without the bottom address bar. You can see the same happening with Firefox Fenix "early" release vs wasting resources so the devs maintain a Fennec ESR for more time and the importance of releasing new features in this very competitive field with the new contenders like Brave and Edge (and with Chrome's removal of some flags and Fennec's death there are people interested in a new browser). It's nice to see Vivaldi turning into the choice of the people looking for a powerful customizable browser. At least the browser is fast and it doesn't crash.

  • I applied this update and what happened? It worked for a short while and then went into "Break Mode" which I never ever asked for. It never came out of that mode. All I get are the tabs and a BIG empty white page! I reinstalled and nothing changed. Can I rollback from this monstrosity?

  • @nedludd
    Hi, this is an Android thread.
    If you are on the desktop version use the Pause icon or shortcut Ctrl+. (Period).
    Did you hit it by accident? I don´t have issues since it is implemented.

    Cheers, mib

  • Moderator

    @syberiyxx: The feature has been restored and is already available in the snapshot build. The reason it was lost was because it was removed from Chromium itself so Vivaldi had to reimplement it.

  • Great work! 👍

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