Minor update (2) for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 3.3

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  • Save dialog sometimes does not focus automatically. Is this a known issue?

  • thanks!

  • Greetings Vivaldi devs, I'm on Solus KDE Plasma using Vivaldi 3.3.2022.45, and while the accent color from the active page does work, it only works sometimes. When using multiple tabs, a lot of the time say IMDB's site will override say Rotten Tomatoes, so both sites accent color is yellow. One should be yellow and the other red, but that's not the case. This happens with a bunch of other sites too. Also, even when u set your own theme, sometimes sites like Twitter will turn it blue for the accent when you've set the accent to be say black for everything. Hope this fix gets re-fixed! Love using the Vivaldi browser on Linux and Android btw! Keep up the great work.

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    @scottytrees Please give us two links to test this.

  • @gwen-dragon: It's totally random, very hard to replicate. Sometimes it works just fine and sometimes it don't.

  • @gwen-dragon: Like iPristy said below me, it's pretty random most of the time. Sometimes when I go to say https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk the accent color is orange (aka normal), then I'll switch to a new tab to https://www.twitch.tv/ and the accent will be purple (again, normal), but at least more than half the time if I switch back between the two, Twitch might go orange and OMGUbuntu might go purple. I don't know if it matters if the tabs are next to each other, or if it matters if there's a few other tabs in between them, but it happens randomly, and it happens often. This was not the case with this issue prior to the updates from this week. I hope this info helps, if only a little. Good luck!

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    @scottytrees I can confirm the issue!
    Happens for me if links are opened in background tab.

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    @scottytrees Thank you for reaching out and sorry for the trouble.

    May be this issue is a bug.

    Please read

    carefully and report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

    Again thank you for using Vivaldi.

  • @gwen-dragon: Thanks for the reply and it's no trouble, I'm happy to use Vivaldi in whatever state it's in, to always make it better is the goal, so it's all good. I'll do what I can to report the bug and thanks for your assistance in the matter, much appreciated!

  • I can confirm this strange behavior when using accent color from active page. However, I believe I have found a consistent way to reproduce at least part of this wierd behavior.

    Start here on this forum with a light blue tab.
    Press Ctrl-Shift + Delete.
    Check ONLY 'Browsing History'.
    Press 'Delete'.
    Now open New Tab (I set DuckDuckgo.com as New Tab).
    I expect an orange colored tab.
    The tab color is actually set to default accent color according to theme.
    Refreshing page changes nothing.
    Close tab.
    Open New Tab again.
    Tab color is orange as expected.
    New Tabs continue to open correctly until I clear 'Browsing History' again.

    Also, local files do not use default accent color, but use tab color of last website visited.

    I would like to know if someone else can verify this before reporting it.

  • No i got a shorter one...

    Open one tab, than open another and jump on first tab again than click the other one and it's the same color as the first tab.

    The trick is, don't let second tab load 100% before clicking the first one.

  • I would still like to know if someone can reproduce the problem by following exactly the steps I posted above, as there is no timing involved and I can reproduce it 100% of the time.

  • Thanks for the update. Just a little question: with this version when you search a word in a page the word gets highlighted with a nice "zoom in-zoom out" effect. Is this something specific to Vivaldi?

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    @plovec I don't think it is unique to Vivaldi. Maybe Firefox has it, or there is an extension that does it.

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    @plovec The zoomed+colored mark of such finding is Vivaldi specific. I did not see this implemented in Chromium, Firefox or Edge.

  • Since there's not a Known Issues list, I'm unable to determine if this relatively new problem in 3.3 and 3.4 is really a thing:

    For whatever reason, the site icon, when middle-clicking links on a page in order to open those links as tabs, is often generic (on the newly opened tabs) when they shouldn't be. Restarting the browser fixes it for the tabs already opened, but that's not helpful and this never happened (when the given site actually has a site icon, of course) before that I recall.

    Has this been discussed?

    Win10, if that matters.

  • I'm back to last 3.2 version, 3 things that seems little unpleasant to me, it's not big issues but it's human nature that we complain even with free things.

    1. I also see accent issue, it sometimes work and sometime does not.
    2. When I open a website from bookmark, I mostly use arrow key to scroll down the page, but in 3.3 arrow key expands address bar, I have to click somewhere on the page to use arrow key.
    3. Favicon spinner spins too fast.

  • @Ruarí Unfortunately, Vivaldi since the last update to V8 on MacOS 10.13.6 exhibits the same problem of some films no longer playing, including the test sequence posted above.
    Restarting or even reinstalling did not make a difference. This must be a bug that crept into the latest release.

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    @gschwarz said in Minor update (2) for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 3.3:

    Vivaldi since the last update to V8

    You took the wrong version number 😉

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