• sweet i just found out about this browser. i may finally one day be able to upgrade from opera 12.17. still early but there's a few features i use frequently and hope will be implemented eventually, in order of importance for me. right click search with -> custom search context menu - saves copy and paste. [strike]goto web address right click context menu - for non html linked pages occasionally[/strike] open page in external app - sometimes i want to switch browsers [strike]no history on sidebar?[/strike] vivaldi://history works Awesome work guys i'm so happy about this browser existing

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    It will never sync to chrome. It will eventually sync to other copies of Vivaldi, both desktop and mobile.

    In the meantime, if you configure things right, you can sync to other browsers using XMarks and probably LastPass extensions.

  • xmarks wont allow me to click setup wizard or sign up buttons, Same problem on a forum login i regularly visit.

    i tried lots of extensions for syncing but none worked. I'm guessing they use the core sync of chrome which is missing? i did find the dolphin extension that allows pushing webpages to and fro my tab which is AWESOME I've wanted that for ages. Unfortunately it wont sync the bookmarks as well, the Vivaldi side wont connect 😞

    vivaldi://history doesn't work in sidebar does in snapshot 1.0.330.3
    rearrange links in sidebar? (open, delete, add for now?)
    also a right click - > edit only wanted it to get web address
    need a button to open the sidebar webpage in a new tab for when you need more space copy web panel address
    i really like the sidebar!

    Phone 2 Google Chrome extension continually opens new tabs, almost broke the browser since it reopens them when i restart. maybe need a way to start with a blank page from desktop shortcut or adjust settings without opening the browser when a website kills the browser.

    lots of extensions window dimensions are too small with no scroll, i found a workaround by adding to sidebar which is cool but can disable the extension button on some, requiring a restart of browser to get working again

    a more cumbersome workaround for the right click search request is that you can drag the text to the search box.

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    XMarks works perfectly in the current snapshot. What is your version number?

  • oh ok ya i updated and it worked. so the check for updates wont do snapshots?

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    It will now. Betas only update to betas, but snapshots update to everything.


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