OVERRIDE?"To view or copy this password here, set screen lock on this device"

  • Hi there -- I believe this warning screen I listed in the title maybe part of all chromium based browsers, not just Vivaldi. But I have multiple Android devices and do not need or want any kind of lock on any of their screens.
    (also, most of my devices are Xiaomi and after a recent update, they insist on a fingerprint lock if you set a lock, and I especially don't want a fingerprint lock).
    What can I do to avoid this warning (which seems wholly nonsensical to me -- if Android must force me into using more security than I desire, at least offer an option such as text or other confirmation.
    Gotta be a workaround for this right? Even if it's complex, I am game (and most of my devices are rooted if that helps). Perhaps a way to export passwords without using screen lock?
    Thank you very much for your help!

    PS -- Thanks for your work! Android Vivaldi is improved by leaps and bonds -- recently upgraded my rating on Google Play from three to five stars.
    Some of the newer abilities (such as the option of setting desktop view as default, enhanced customization of ad- and tracker blocking settings) should be listed in the Google Play description so they come up readily in search -- particular the PC Mode/Desktop View thing which works spectacularly well.

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