Vivaldi freezing for several minutes upon searching in history

  • @MoosMas I have this problem too, but limiting history to a day or a week is not the solution.
    It does not fix the bug, and Vivaldi developers are not in a hurry to solve it, although I have reported it a long time ago and they have confirmed that the problem exists.

  • @toroned and have you gone through the troubleshooting steps to try to narrow down the cause? There's obviously some difference between our systems & configurations that makes it an issue for you, but not for me.

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  • 3.4.2066.90 partially fixed this problem but still search in 3.2.1967.47 is 3 times faster.
    So in my case of searching 2nd most visited domain ~ 16000 entries its
    3.4.2066.90 30 seconds
    3.4.2066.65 several minutes or freeze
    3.2.1967.47 10 seconds (last version without this problem)

    Just a wild guess this problem could be caused with

    • [History] Search doesn’t match URL parts (VB-69246) in Vivaldi 3.3.

  • History search still freezes for me after entering three to five characters, with 3.4.2066.106 (Stable channel) (64-bit), Win10. But, there's a twist:

    What happens in my case:

    Every time I type a letter in the search box, the waiting time become exponentially longer, until it freezes. It doesn't make sense to me, because each time, it has less to filter out, and yet, it takes massively longer until it freezes completely.

    And if that's still not clear, here's an example (I have 6 months worth of history, showing 'list', showing graphics):

    I want to search for 'technology'

    In the Search box:

    1. I type "t" (showing 't')

    nothing seems to happen (maybe 1 letter won't trigger anything?)

    1. I type "e" (showing 'te')

    0.5 seconds later, a line shows up under the box, with a checkbox for "include address in search history" and tells me I have 10484 entries.

    1. I type "c" (showing 'tec')

    about 1-2 second later, it shows I have 628 entries

    1. I type "h" (showing 'tech')

    about 5-8 seconds later, it shows I have 118 entries

    1. I type "n" (showing 'techn')

    about 30-65mn later , it shows that I have 89 entries. I'm not entirely sure, I went to make dinner, but I waited at least 30mn before giving up.

    I'm not going to typo "o" because at this rate, it's exponentially stupid.

    In any case, maybe this will help. Good luck.

  • @tegehel I believe the history search speed has been much improved in the latest 3.5 snapshots. It will be out as Stable soon. If you'd like to test, you can download the Snapshot and install it as Standalone, then copy your History* files from the Stable profile to Snapshot, see if it's any better for you.

  • @Pathduck I just did. Yes, it works much better. It doesn't freeze to death anymore, and I was able to type the word "technology" without having a total freeze halfway... However, it still gets very slightly slower as you type each letter: it isn't terrible and while it may need improvements, it is usable right now. So, good!

    PS: I'm no programmer, but as far as searching huge database really fast (like all your HDs), the program called "Search Everything" does it incredibly quickly. It may not be implementable in Vivaldi, but I thought I'd mention it.

  • This is certainly a recent problem... I first noticed it a few weeks ago. Before that time I never had a problem with Vivaldi freezing when I searched History.

    It happens when I search History regardless of the "date range" option and freezes Vivaldi for several minutes.

    Normally, I just close the entire program down and restart as it's faster than waiting for several minutes and hoping it doesn't crash and, will hopefully, unfreeze.

    I've probably updated Vivaldi 2-4 times since this began... is it possible to reinstall an earlier version, to rollback to a version before this bug appeared?

    I don't use History search everyday... but when I need to use it, I really need it to WORK.

  • @cabXavier I tested their newest snapshot yesterday, as a standalone, and it fixed the search problem adequately: it doesn't freeze anymore, and it is seemingly faster (see my post above). @Pathduck said that the new stable (3.5) will incorporate those fixes.

  • @tegehel Thank you for the info... much appreciated.

    The problem was damn annoying!

    and BTW... I've been using "Everything" for ... geesh... 15yrs? Hell, I can't remember when I didn't have it! But I think I first discovered it circa-2005(??)

    It's literally the first software I install on all my computers. Can't even imagine using a computer without it and I've tried, incredibly frustrating. Fastest search I've ever found.

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