Show full URL even for plain HTTP sites, even when address bar doesn't have focus?(including end"/")

  • I'm noticing that for HTTP sites, when the address bar doesn't have focus, Vivaldi doesn't show the full URL: The "http://" gets gets stripped off, and any trailing slash doesn't show up. Is there currently any way to alter this to always show full URL? (Even Chrome doesn't appear do that clipping-off of the trailing slash.) e.g. ht[b][/b]tp:// and ht[b][/b]tp:// should not look the same in the address bar, since they can actually be different resources. (Having those return different resources [url=]would not be a user-friendly practice on site developers' part[/url], but it's entirely possible.)

  • @isildur: Newcomer here, way late and maybe not related: I found your post while hunting for clues to some strange behavior I noticed in the address bar: When I moved from page to page within a given domain, the address bar did not reflect the url changes unless I clicked in it. Finally found the answer in @Gwen-Dragon's post here: Youtube: not showing complete URL-address.
    I would not have expected that the default behavior would be to not update the address bar with the current url, and did not think to look in the settings for the solution.

  • @ehm

    A number of browsers do that now by default (I'm not a fan). But what I was reporting at the time was some behavior (that's since been fixed) that was limited to http:// (not https://) URLs.


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