apt install stuck at 87%

  • I am trying to upgrade to vivaldi 3.3 (on Kubuntu 16.04) using sudo apt update && sudo apt install vivaldi-stable but apt gets stuck while downloading at 87%. I have tried sudo apt clean and then update and install/upgrade again, but it always stops at 87%. Is anyone else seeing this?

    Get:1 http://repo.vivaldi.com/stable/deb stable/main amd64 vivaldi-stable amd64 3.3.2022.36-1 [72,5 MB]
    70% [1 vivaldi-stable 63,1 MB/72,5 MB 87%]

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    @amarok Download servers and Repo are on heavy load at this time, so they need to reduce bandwidth. Be polite, wait and try later.

  • OK, today it works.

  • @amarok
    It seems to be stuck again, or moving extremely slowly. In MX distro, order to do a general upgrade (of all programs) without it getting stalled on Vivaldi, I went into Synaptic, marked all upgrades, then unmarked Vivaldi. I will wait for the servers to catch up with the demand before trying again.

  • As she rather naughtily suggests...

    Maybe it's time to do the necessary steps that would then let you do
    sudo pacman -S vivaldi-stable


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