Unable to start after crash

  • Im not able to start Vivaldi after crash (no log showed, just Win7 closed frozen app). I tried to clear cache and was able to start it but no response after i tried to open first URL (this forums to report)...is there something i can do (except reinstall) to fix this? Some other area where to clean up files or some dump file? Thanks for help

  • Update: Figured that Vivaldi started but it never showed the window..it always starts and stays just in quick launch bar. I always need to click on it and choose New Window and then it shows. Still there is the window which i cannot get showed and i have to close this one. Using the New Window for several minutes and it works, when i close this New Window and start new, problem is back.

    It looks like its in some weird state.. Is there any log i can upload here for easier bug fix ?

  • Did you take a look at this post?
    Probably that solution is working for you too.

  • This definitely helped…im using Win7 since 2010 and never experienced this issue...thanks alot... :lol:


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