Bottom tab bar can still be interacted with when hidden

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    If you enable the tab bar and bottom address bar, scroll down a website until the address bar and tab bar disappear, then you can still interact with the (invisible) tab bar at the bottom (create new tabs, switch tabs, etc.).

    Here's a video showcasing this with some Android debug options enabled to make it a bit easier to see:

    What happens in the video:

    1. When I scroll down the address bar and tab bar disappear, but the interaction area for them (shown in magenta at the bottom of the screen) stays in place.*
    2. When the address bar is hidden, I click at the bottom of the screen where the tab bar used to be. This switches tab as I clicked where my second tab was before the tab bar was moved off screen.
    3. I scroll down again to hide the address bar.
    4. I click on the bottom right, which opens a new tab (because I click where the + button was before it was moved off screen).
    5. I go switch back to the second tab and scroll to hide the address bar.
    6. I click on the invisible tab bar and close the active tab.

    Reported as VAB-2195.

    * When the address bar sits at the top of the screen, the interaction area is moved off the screen together with the address bar and tab bar.

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    @Komposten Thanks for reporting detailed steps! I have confirmed this in the bug tracker.

  • Hi all,

    May I add that this is also happening if

    1. I have hidden the tab bar (disabled "show tab bar") and
    2. have the address bar at the bottom.

    Unfortunately it makes some websites unusable such as when trying to open comments on a YouTube video.

    The comments expansion button is at the very bottom of the screen and you can't see it without scrolling fully down. But then the address bar disappears and the invisible UI interface of the tab bar is on top of the YouTube comments expansion button.

    I hope this bug gets fixed soon! 🙏


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