Issues with secure SPDY

  • I used to connect to a server via HTTPS without problems. Now the server admin must have changed the configuration to try to speed up transfer to Chrome based browsers by enabling the SPDY protocol, but since then Vivaldi cannot connect anymore due to the error: ERR_SPDY_INADEQUATE_TRANSPORT_SECURITY Which hints could I give the site admin to fix mistakes in this area? And in the meantime, if I had to disable SPDY in Vivaldi, how would I do that? I bet it is hidden very secretly in some advanced options for which you have to know the special URL exactly...

  • LigH,

    You can use a Command Line switch in the Vivaldi startup shortcut:

    The fascinating Chrome net-internals page will capture traffic before and after you use the switch:
    chrome://net-internals/#http2 | How to disable SPDY in Google Chrome

  • Thanks for your help.
    I am trying to use Vivaldi on Windows XP instead of Opera 12 but many HTTPS websites would not load, saying SPDY error messages, I don’t know what it is but thanks to @3Phase above, I could change my shortcut to:

    "C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe" /use-spdy=off

    (it’s slash / in Windows, hyphen-minus - didn’t work)
    And now it works.

  • @jesus2099 said in Issues with secure SPDY

    ... many HTTPS websites would not load, saying SPDY error messages, I don’t know what it is ...

    SPDY is/was an experimental web protocol intended to speed up delivery of web content by altering elements of the HTTP/HTTPS protocol to attain its goal. It has evolved into (and is being replaced by) the HTTP/2 web protocol, and both SPDY and HTTP/2 require dedicated code modules in both the site server and a visiting browser to auto-detect and employ them. The command switch in your shortcut causes Vivaldi to not attempt to employ the SPDY module in establishing communications with a website.

  • @blackbird
    So I thought hours ago when I saw @jesus2099 post. Busy with real life.

    For @jesus2099, the error on SPDY probably caused the older implementation in Chromium-Vivaldi 1.0.
    But then again, not many sites use SPDY yet (even these days) except most Google I believe.


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