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  • :( Can't empty/delete items from trash.. How to do?

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    What trash? Where?

  • By cracky, he's right!

    The Trash icon only opens a list of trashed Tabs with no way to clear the list. Opening a trashed Tab removes it from the list, Te Deum.

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    AHH!! Now I get it. Yes - it should be possible to clear the tab recycler.

  • Yay! You can clear the Trash list in v1.0.330.3 (Beta) (64-bit)
    after a while the closed Tab list gets too long and the 'Clear all' option is hidden offscreen below the Taskbar.

    If you don't have too many Tabs in the Trash, you may be able to Window Vivaldi and make it as small as possible at the top of the screen to bring the list up high enough for the 'Clear all' option to be visible again.

  • But… if you put your TaskBar at the top of the screen (as I've done for years), it's a non-problem. :lol: I'm not picking an argument, just making an observation after I unsuccessfully tried to confirm your comment using my 2-mile-long list of trash-can listings and had no problem at last being able to clear them (THANK YOU, Vivaldi!)... that's when I re-read your post and fully grasped the implications of your reference to the clear-all option being hidden below/behind the TaskBar (which must obviously be at the screen bottom on your system). Years ago, I started mounting the Win TaskBar at the top of the screen to keep it closer to where most of my other apps' functional selections were located within their windows... it cuts down greatly on my mouse movements when flipping in and out of functions and other apps - virtually everything's at the top of the screen.

  • Hey now! No upstairs shopping for downstairs business! :D

    I'm just glad it works again. I don't care where they put the picklist flyout menu for the top, bottom, or the sides, I'll figure out how to Clear the list.

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