How to Stop Wasting Time On Internet

  • I found myself wasting a lot of time and energy on the Internet

    I did not use the computer on the right path, but as a tool for entertainment.
    I don't play games, but I spend a lot of time browsing articles and watching movies on the Internet.
    This allows me to delay the things that are really important in the real world and need me to do.

    My current problem:

    -The purpose of the computer is very low-end, more like an entertainment tool.
    Some people use computers to create value, but I use computers to kill my time and energy. I use computers to do boring things instead of trying to learn and create valuable and meaningful things.

    -I am immersed in the virtual world, but ignore the real world that really matters

    I spend a lot of time online, but ignore my life, family and social life.
    I delay what I need to do and focus all my energy on the Internet, but I just browse boringly on the Internet.

    What I want to achieve:

    -Use the computer as a tool to achieve your goals.

    Obtain information, create value, and complete learning and work tasks.
    I need to correctly understand the role of the computer, how should I use the computer?

    -Limit computer time

    I get bored easily, then browse aimlessly on the Internet, and the day passes quickly.

    My day is only 24 hours, everyone’s day is 24 hours, how can I use equal time?
    Is it wasted on the Internet or is it to use the computer to finish the work quickly, and then accompany the family and girlfriend?
    I have to make a choice.

    I want to limit the use time of the computer so that I have a sense of urgency and think about what I will use the computer for before using the computer.
    How long will it take?
    Use computers purposefully.

    So, how can I solve this problem?
    The new function of vivaldi, Take a break is a good concept.

  • Just some pointers, not necessarily helpful (I have the same problem but I ignore it, so…)

    • If you need to do something at the computer, remember it. When those things are enough to be worth turning the computer on, do them all at once (if you forget something, it wasn’t important). Keep an eye on what you’re doing, don’t let yourself click unimportant links. If another idea comes to your mind, keep it for the next bunch of ideas (except for when it’s important). When you’re done, turn the computer off so that it isn’t so easy to get caught by it.
    • Ask yourself what the people are feeling like. Are they asking themselves whether they still care to you at all? Also, does your computer have higher value than them? (Just for completeness, a random recent /r/teenagers post on this topic.)

    Maybe I’ll edit-in some more later.

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    @poto You could try using the Pomodoro timer on the clock.

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    Thanks for sharing. I think you don't visit unnecessary websites or ads it will help you not to waste time on the Internet.

  • @poto said in How to Stop Wasting Time On The Internet:

    the Internet

    Oh, that sounds interesting. What is it?

  • @kahukura No it's no good -- Jen took the box home for the weekend. I really hope she brings it back on Monday.

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    @Vanketosh5 , does this still exist?

  • @Steffie I am not the native English speaker.
    Therefore, I may have grammatical errors


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