UI unresponsive to keyboard while loading pages

  • Hi. I'm experiencing a problem that is somewhat of a showstopper wrt usability. Often, but not always, when Vivaldi is loading a web page the UI becomes unresponsive to keyboard input. A typical scenario might be that I have three tabs - A, B and C - open, with C focused. I select some link via spat-nav, and hit shift+enter to open it in a new tab D. While D is loading I hit ctrl+shift+tab to go back to C... but Vivaldi doesn't respond to that shortcut, so I use the mouse to select tab C, which does work. Then, for whatever reason, I decide to close tab C, ctrl+w, but nothing happens... But when D has finished loading, both ctrl+shift+tab and ctrl+w gets interpreted, and thereby Vivaldi takes me from tab C to B, and then closes tab B. Likewise if I'm opening several tabs in the background, and try to cycle through them by ctrl+tab. There is a rediculous delay and I have to wait for everything to load before being able to actually use the browser again. This happens even with a clean profile (removing ~/.{config,cache}/vivaldi-snapshot), but not with in Opera or other Chrome derivatives. I'm running Vivaldi-1.0.321.3 and 64-bit Slackware-14.1 and -current on different machines, all suffering from this. Is this sort of thing happening to any body else?

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