[Feature Request] Adjustable blank page background color

  • Nowadays there are many sites that have a dark background, and also there are means of switching background color to a darker color aka 'night mode'. For example you can use Reddit Enhancement Suite to do that on Reddit and you can use addons for Youtube for this purpose also. Now, when you have a dark site background color and follow a link to another dark background site [u][b]before the site is loaded[/b][/u] a blank, WHITE page is shown for a short period of time, which effectively is a bright, blinding flash right to the face. :pinch: Unfortunately this is true for every major browser there is. An option to adjust this BLANK PAGE BACKGROUND COLOR manually, or even better, an automatic recognition of the light level of the site you have been looking at to adjust the blank page automatically would be very, very much appreciated.

  • So nice idea and not included yet, so sad :(

  • Moderator

    @Kpacc AFAIK it's not so simple, though it should be! Many people have been asking for this...

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