Put vivaldi in the "open with" of opera 12.17…

  • well, i'm a true opera 12.17 lover... but vivaldi seems to wish to continue the adventure... i would like to follow its futur progress, the best way (for me ) may to add it into the left-clic panel of opera... because 12.17 begins to be a few old for everythings... then this hability to open a website in another browser it just waht i need... i've try to add it by myself, but the way vivaldi is add into regedit is a few oddy :blink: idem into programfiles(32)... then before to do me a beautifull special'crash... is there a solution ? quick as a clicable regedit keys ? or more technic... it should be done by itself, if the regedit config was "as usual"... but by the way, impossible for op12.17 to get it... thanks a lot if got an idea, or a solution... (win7 famillal edition)

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    Currently (as i heard from Developers) no solution.

  • to have an answer is better than nothing… i'm happy to see vivaldi coming, it's close to what i like..

  • Found a solution. You have to install Vivaldi in the Program Files folder. ( i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Vivaldi )

  • Vivaldi is already in my O12.17 "open with" list and no, it is not installed in my "program files" folder!


    I installed Vivaldi for only myself as user - waiting for it to be final (and permission from my wife 😉 )before it replaces Opera in this household…


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