Middle-Click to tab's section to open new tab, and some stuff.

  • At old patches, there was an option to open new tab with middle mouse CLICK (i suggest middle mouse down, not click). Therefore moving the vivaldi, doubleclick or other functions from tab's section was not working. I reported the bug, and bug is fixed. It's good but now, middle-click to open new tab is not working. I use and i have friends who use opera 12 still. We want to use vivaldi but this is so important to us. And at old posts, i suggest typing for example "6" to address bar to open 6th speeddial page. This is done. I ❤ you 💏 What about CTRL + 1 to open first speedidal page, CTRL + 2 for open second speeddial page? This shortcuts didn't work for me, i dont know that if it works for this. [img]http://i.hizliresim.com/LEzLla.jpg[/img] Web.whatsapp tells vivaldi is not compatible with web.whatsapp. I dont think that vivaldi is not compatible. One more thing is, at options we can disable "show tab's preview". But it's possible to click to the area of changing preview size mistakenly. When we click, "show tab's preview" is enabled again. Seriously, Thank you vivaldi community. I love you ❤


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