Private Window Themes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2022.6

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    @Sdar Perhaps. I was talking about the start page custom image. As far as I saw, you can now have two themes (one for regular; one for private) but only one custom start page image. (if there is the option, I might have just missed it)

  • New Tab Page as Blank Page remains broken, as I mentioned in the previous build. "about:blank" text remains visible and unselected in the address bar, which means that every time you open a new (blank) page you have to delete that by hand before you start typing a new URL.

    @k3dAR: thanks for the tip, I have been doing the same until the issue gets fixed.

  • OK, I found that I can revert to previous/desired behaviour by using "Blank New Tab Page" extension by Jarek Foksa. In the Vivaldi Settings I selected:

    "TABS/New Tab Page= Start Page" and ticked "Controlled by Extension".

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    @gorg Why does anyone need to do this at all?

    Just open links or bookmarks in a new tab if you don't want to use the start page with speed dials. Or, use the Quick Commands to type a URL and set it to always open a new tab.

    Remove from Speed Dial.png

    Even easier is to open the Bookmarks Panel, right-click on the Speed Dial folder, and remove it. Then, use the Start Page as your New Tab page, and use a nice image or a plain background, whichever you prefer.

    Blank Speed Dial.png

  • Unfortunately the changes to adblock filter support broke this filter list:

  • @pesala: Thanks but you are missing the point. Someone might like to start the browser with a Start Page initially (keeping speed dial and other start page functionality) but might prefer to open new blank tabs consequently. There is a reason there are different options in the settings.

    While "vivaldi://startpage" opens a start page, including (or not) Speed Dial, navigation, backgrounds etc, and the URL text disappears from the address bar (allowing you to start typing directly), "about://blank" text is kept in the address bar in the latest builds and needs to be manually deleted before you start typing URLs, which is not the old behaviour. I consider it as a bug rather than a feature.

  • @GT500 It works here, imported 1 valid rule, sidebar is not shown.

  • @gorg said in Private Window Themes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2022.6:

    "about://blank" text is kept in the address bar in the latest builds and needs to be manually deleted before you start typing URLs, which is not the old behaviour. I consider it as a bug rather than a feature.

    This is definitely a bug and hopefully fixed soon. I've reported it as VB-71014.

  • @pathduck: thanks

  • @rseiler:

    The default filter count for uBO (even if you then thrown in Fanboy's Annoyances, which is a big one) is now well below the 200K threshold that was rumored to be the hard line beyond which the new system wouldn't go. If 200K does come to pass, maybe it won't be a big deal for most people after all. I wonder if there has been some filter consolidation to keep the number down.

    Filter count ... count count count ... with respect this simply misses the bigger part of the point re why the gargle proposal is so hideous. It applies somewhat to uBO, but it applies hugely to bigger & more powerful sister uMatrix. People like me want the forensic control of the granular dynamic filtering rules that the user can deploy per site & page. If gargle get their evil way, we lose that capability completely [!= my opinion; this is direct from the uBO & uM Dev @gorhill]. That would be a shocking thing. The static block-lists are merely the iceberg tip,

  • @pathduck: I've noticed that Vivaldi will ignore one or more filter lists when you have multiple filter lists enabled at the same time, so maybe the update caused my YouTube Sidebar filter list to start being ignored?

  • I disabled the filter list, then re-enabled it, and now it works fine... Maybe the cached copy of the filter list was somehow corrupted during the upgrade of Vivaldi?

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    Simply loving the last builds ❤

  • Odd... this new snapshot still hasn't reached Arch... neither herecura nor AUR.

    steffie@archlinuxTower[~] 16:28:16 Fri Aug 28 $> yay vivaldi-snapshot
    4 aur/vivaldi-snapshot-ffmpeg-codecs 85.0.4183.69-1 (+32 0.01) (Installed)
        additional support for proprietary codecs for vivaldi
    3 aur/vivaldi-snapshot 3.3.2020.3-1 (+122 3.16) (Out-of-date: 2020-08-28) (Installed)
        An advanced browser made with the power user in mind. Snapshot
    2 herecura/vivaldi-snapshot-ffmpeg-codecs 85.0.4183.69-1 (1.4 MiB 4.3 MiB) (Installed)
        additional support for proprietary codecs for vivaldi
    1 herecura/vivaldi-snapshot 3.3.2020.3-1 (93.9 MiB 237.8 MiB) (Installed)
        An advanced browser made with the power user in mind. Snapshot
    ==> Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3 or ^4)
     there is nothing to do
    steffie@archlinuxTower[~] 16:30:43 Fri Aug 28 $> 

    Otoh, it is in the SolydK repos, & happily:

    Vivaldi 3.3.2022.6 / Chrome 85.0.4183.84

    even with

    steffie@solydxk-vm[~] 16:48:40 Fri Aug 28 $> locale -a
    steffie@solydxk-vm[~] 16:48:46 Fri Aug 28 $> 

    ie, the workaround i posted late in the previous Snapshot's thread, has "stuck", without any further manual intervention needed by me.

    I thus wonder if

    [Crash][Linux] Vivaldi based on Chromium 85 fails to start with certain locales: Start from a Terminal like so
    $ LC_MESSAGES=en_US.UTF-8 vivaldi-snapshot&

    might not be needed to be followed by others now... ?

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    @sjudenim: The contrast in your theme is very low to begin with, and that propagates to the other colors. You'll need to increase the brightness of the Foreground color to fix this. But the first screenshots you shared does not look like Vivaldi at tall - is it a different browser, or just heavily modified Vivaldi?

  • please fix this troublesome bug in time for the next release [VB-70371]...

  • while you guys are at it, please also let us customize the text color of inactive tabs so we can more easily spot the active tab [VB-58848]...

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    @chas4: If it does not respond that means it already run in the background (silently). All you have to do then is restart your browser and you will already be on the latest version

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    @Pathduck said in Private Window Themes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2022.6:

    They would have to add fancy contrast-detection or something.

    You mean like this setting that we already have?





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