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Private Window Themes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2022.6

  • It's a good thing this page has a "Download Vivaldi" button which haunts you every step of the way down the page. If not for that button, it never would have occurred to me to download Vivaldi.

  • @rseiler said in Private Window Themes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2022.6:

    @vort: How would that even work? I've never heard of a browser selectively banning extensions, have you?

    It's not what he meant, he simply means he won't stop using uBO, and I'm with him, it's too superior than current Vivaldi abilities.
    In any case, if an extensions ID is banned on chrome store and you have it installed from chrome store, it will be disabled in Vivaldi aswell automatically when the extensions update check is performed by the browser.

  • @ian-coog: I hope the store never does such a thing. I had to play that game once with one that they had dropped but which I was still using. I had to re-enable it practically every day because they kept disabling it. Eventually I gave up and sideloaded the version from GitHub, which is something we could always do with uBO should it happen.

    BTW, it's interesting that we don't hear much anymore about the structural changes coming(?) to extensions. That was all anyone could talk about early in the year. The default filter count for uBO (even if you then thrown in Fanboy's Annoyances, which is a big one) is now well below the 200K threshold that was rumored to be the hard line beyond which the new system wouldn't go. If 200K does come to pass, maybe it won't be a big deal for most people after all. I wonder if there has been some filter consolidation to keep the number down.

  • The colour variables being used for the secondary parts of the url are illegible on dark themes as is the new caution icon.


    And on light themes they do not emphasize the domain


    A simple workaround would be to use a fg on the domain and a soft transparency on the rest

  • Vivaldi Team

    @sjudenim: I think you are going to need to give details of your theme setup as I see neither of these issues in any of the default themes. Also, have you done any modding because it looks like you have and hence have broken it for yourself.

    Here it is with an unmodded vivaldi using a couple of the pre-installed default themes



    • [Address Bar] URL is encoded regardless setting (VB-70978)

    Which setting?
    The Highlight Base Domain in Address setting still not working unchecked.

  • @rseiler said in Private Window Themes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2022.6:

    @ian-coog: I hope the store never does such a thing.

    It has been done several times, when a extension is found to be malicious or just slightly not complying with their terms, it's simply blacklisted and removed, and it's the extension dev duty to provide a complying version to be readmitted.

  • @Ruarí

    I removed colour mods to test that.

    Here is a theme

    and without any mods this is the result

  • Is there a way to disable ALT for V menu, hard to play games from archive.org if V menu keeps popping up when ALT key is pressed, no problems with Edge.

  • @iPristy Yes 🙂

    Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts.

    The better solution (IMO) is to use the Disable Keyboard Shortcuts hotkey, by default umapped.

  • @pathduck: Yes, thanks i found it as ALT for main menu is now disabled.

  • 32nd
    Had to disable the auto updater as it broke the check for updates from the menu on macOS

  • Vivaldi Team

    @vort said:

    Built-in adblocker is a good thing.
    But don't even think about dropping uBlock Origin support

    We will continue to improve our own implementation, but you can still use an extension if you like. Vivaldi is all about choice. 🙂

  • @MasterLeo29 I'm missing something here? right now you can customize both thumbnails and background image using the context menu. is this a different speed dial that the one i'm referring to?

  • - Ambassador -

    @jon I have never used an ad-blocker, but the built-in blocking is a great help on YouTube.

    Google did something evil by adding rolling ads to all of YouTubers old videos so there are lots of complaints in the comments blaming the content creators.

    All I see is a button to Skip Ads, and the video plays as soon as I click it. I recommend Vivaldi to work around this problem.

    Try watch any video like this one with Vivaldi's ad-blocking disabled, then enable it and try again.

  • @sjudenim That's an extremely low-contrast theme... but yeah the problem is this:

    Background of address field is --colorBgIntenser (#0b0d13)
    Text of Lowlight elements is --colorFgFadedMost (#1b242d)
    These are very similar colours.

    I definitely think they have more work to do on this, but also it's unlikely it will ever work for all possible theme colour variants anyway. They would have to add fancy contrast-detection or something. IMO they should just drop the whole address-bar highlighting scheme, it's a Bad Thing™ 😉

    Highlight what's important but don't obscure stuff we need to understand.

    They should at least consider changing the Lowlight to like colorFgFaded instead of colorFgFadedMost, it would help a lot.

    On this topic: @Ruarí The "Highlight Base Domain in Address" setting appears to do nothing now, is this correct?

  • Very nice update! But I won't stop using uBlock Origin until you guys add an element picker 🙂

  • @Pathduck

    They can use the same fg for domain with transparency for the secondary url bits instead of calculating a different colour.

    Using opacity: 0.7 worked perfectly on @tam710562's original mod that did this https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/37609/mask-for-the-address-bar?page=1

    Of course if there is very little contrast between the fg and the bg , then even this wouldn't work very well. So as you said, not all themes will

  • The integrated ad blocker doesn't support all rules of the AdGuard filter lists.

    There are also some glitches caused by the ad blocker on https://www.computerbase.de.

  • - Ambassador -

    @Sdar Perhaps. I was talking about the start page custom image. As far as I saw, you can now have two themes (one for regular; one for private) but only one custom start page image. (if there is the option, I might have just missed it)

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