Zoom: Ctrl+Shift+Mousewheel - Can I change?

  • To zoom a page one uses Ctrl+Shift+Mousewheel. This is not conventional as almost every program uses the standard Ctrl+Mousewheel. Can I change it? Ctrl+Mousewheel doesn't seem to so anything. I've looked in Keyboard Shortcuts and found zoom but there is no mention of this shortcut. If you zoom a lot and find 0 and 9 awkward, change them to L and K. You may have to delete a shortcut for one of them but its for Vivaldi Mail which is probably not used by most of us. This browser is really coming together for me. Hope it catches on. Good work should be rewarded and there is some mighty fine work being done here. I just wish more people knew about this.

  • Moderator

    It's a known issue, and will no doubt be fixed sooner or later.

    I am OK with using Numpad Plus/Minus to zoom, but I miss the ease of using the mouse wheel. with just the Ctrl modifier. I don't like the zoom slider on the status bar.

  • Try replacing the current zoom control with a couple of unused (or delete if you don't currently use them) keys that is convenient for you. I tried L and K. Works well. But since you often find your mouse hand on the mouse when you're navigating, I still find Control+Shift+Mousewheel used more often. Just have to find a way of getting rid of the Shift part.


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