Sorry, SORRY nothing 4 me!

  • Sorry about my english, im german! A new Browser like Opera? Wouw, thats my Browser! Firefox is fat and lazy, Chrome is very slow. But Vivaldi starts very slow too. If my last Page was a Youtube-Video, i hear the Sound 1 Minute before the Browser starts. Ok, its not very important, because, if the Browser starts, he is very, very quick.... WOUW.... i love it! But on Facebook, People wrote me Messages and i cant read. I wrote them "What do you mean" and they send me Screenshots with Messages wich i cant see. Incredible! Or TV, i watch TV about the Web. Very often the Browser do nothing with Videos, absolutely nothing. He Stops, but just on this page. Other Pages in the Tab are still working. Or to create a Folder in the Bookmark-Area. If i create a Folder, he's always a Sub-Folder of another Folder. Ok, to 80 percent its a very nice Browser, but please, still work on it, PLEASE!!!!! For your work, i promised, i will fall in Love with this Browser! Thanks for Reading and sorry about my english!

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