Looking to replace Internet Explorer 11? Go for the best browser

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  • i love VIVALDI

  • @darzki: I do not understand people continuously complaining about browser speed. I am using Vivaldi on an 11 years old laptop as my main browser, sometimes dozens of tabs open and I have no performance issues at all. I do not know if it is faster or slower than let's say Chrome or Firefox, because I just don't bother measuring those fractions of seconds. Although, I am quite sure it is faster than IE, as IE is not only terribly slow, but also unable to display a lot of web pages properly, so it is definitely out of question. By the way, using proper browsers (not IE, or other outdated browsers), the page display time is typically limited by the network latency rather than the browser itself.

  • @Zsul No one measures the seconds, people either just go by feel or what they read somewhere. There are only 2 traits people understand in a browser: speed and bloat, and both are meaningless. As soon as someone mentions either of the two you can stop reading and safely ignore the author.

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