Seeing only 3 mouse gestures in the settings?

  • Like the title says, I'm seeing only 3 mouse gestures in the settings: New Background Tab, Reopen Closed Tab, History Back. I know there should be more of them, like "refresh page" for example. Any idea why I'm missing them? Any solutions?

  • You're missing every other one in the list: New Tab (#1), Close Tab (#3), Refresh Page (#5), and History Forward (#7). What Vivaldi version are you running?

  • I'm running 1.0.321.3 (64-bit), the latest snapshot available on

  • A bit more info: I looked into defaultSettings-bundle.js, and I tried some of the gestures from there (with the notes that Down=2,Left=4,Right=0,Up=6). I found the following:


    These should translate to the following movements, here's what happens when tested:
    Down-Right: Nothing happens. Right-button dialog doesn't pop up.

    Down-Up: When done on background, creates a new background tab of the one I'm on. When done over a link opens up the link in a background tab.

    Down: Identical behavior to Down-Up.

    Left: Goes backwards in tab history, as it should.

    Right: Opens recently closed tabs in order of closing.

    Up-Down: Does nothing.

    Up-Right: Identical to Right.

    So there are quite a few that work, but sometimes with wrong inputs, and Up-Down doesn't work at all. And again, only the three listed earlier show up in the settings.


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