Take a break – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2020.3

  • @iPristy said in Take a break – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2020.3:

    Well, i have updated my 4 wish list on my blog, working on number 5, i dislike forums and bug posts so i'm trying be optimised and short by words.

    Good luck with that, I bet nobody will read it anyway if you don't even give an url for your blog. Don't expect the devs wasting any time on it if you don't use the actual bug report form, though.

  • @ian-coog: Well, they add drag&drop in what 14 days, i just edit that last month.
    They got the link, i'm sure, but if you wanna read it, here you go. https://ipristy.vivaldi.net/2019/04/11/vivaldi-browser-wish-list/

  • Vivaldi Team

    @steffie: Please no testing with unofficial packages (herecura is ok for pure Arch but nothing else)

    wget https://downloads.vivaldi.com/snapshot/vivaldi-snapshot_3.3.2020.3-1_amd64.deb
    ar p vivaldi-snapshot_3.3.2020.3-1_amd64.deb data.tar.xz | tar Jx ./opt/vivaldi-snapshot --strip 2
    vivaldi-snapshot/vivaldi-snapshot --user-data-dir=vivaldi-snapshot/user-data &

  • I forgot to state that I am talking about the Mac version.

  • I notice in this release the old issue with clearing of the address bar before connecting is back. Not a big deal, but it just looks off and buggy. Guessing it's due to the changes in address bar and will be fixed "soonish" 🙂



  • i'm having multiple page crash and extension crash issues. and there's nothing i can do to replicate the page crashes. there's no video or audio playing, it will randomly crash a tab, and then other tabs come down with it.

    for my extensions, two just refuse to load, tampermonley and lastpass. reloading both of those extensions causes just about every one of my extensions to crash but once all of my extensions have reloaded but those two things appear to be fine.

  • @gorg: have same problem with bug "fix" about:blank from previous snapshot...
    before be "empty list" opened with empty url, from previous snapshot is show in url about:blank but if i write without wait some seconds(while opened many windows&tabs ?), then is not selected an typed url is write after it... in this snapshot is newer selected and must press F8 for selecting and next write my url... tested on Xubuntu 20.04

  • @Ruarí Hmmm.

    @Ruarí said in Take a break – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2020.3:

    Please no testing with unofficial packages

    If you are asking me NOT to use my various distros' official repos, then sorry but no - i am not going to do that. I trust my repos implicitly. Tbh i have no idea why you [again] have scolded me here. Over the past two borked Snapshots i have invested copious amounts of my time investigating, troubleshooting, documenting & reporting. A little less stridency & more humility would be appreciated pls.

    @Ruarí said in Take a break – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2020.3:

    herecura is ok for pure Arch but nothing else

    In case you have never noticed my posts' signature/footer, nor seen it provided in my bug reports, my primary PC's primary boot IS Arch.


    Why do you now ask me to perform more testing for you, when the recent posts in this thread demonstrate that we forum members collectively already managed to pinpoint the strange cause of the problem for these last two Snapshots?


    1. if the user's Linux region is set to Australia, both Snapshots fail to launch with the identical error msg. In all my many tests this was distro & DE independent.
    2. If the user then temporarily changes their region/locale to something non-Australia [eg, for me both UK & USA worked], the Snapshot successfully launches.
    3. The user can then revert their region/locale to Australia, & happily the Snapshot continues to launch ok. Such shenanigans have not arisen for any prior Snapshot iirc.

    If this breakthrough info, combined with the logs i've already provided you in my BR are insufficient, & you actually do want me to do more testing anyway, i don't know how i can. I have fixed my installations via the method above, so how would i go about "unfixing" them?

  • @Steffie

    glen@Bionic:~$ vivaldi-snapshot --version | awk '{print $2}'
    glen@Bionic:~$ echo $LANGUAGE
    glen@Bionic:~$ vivaldi-snapshot
    Trace/breakpoint trap

    After setting en_GB as default desktop and application language for the user and logging out vivaldi-snapshot now starts.

    glen@Bionic:~$ echo $LANGUAGE

    I see the changes in ~/.pam_environment...

    glen@Bionic:~$ cat ~/.pam_environment

    A dingo stole my browser?

  • Please, fix VB-59501.

  • Can we have the break in dark, please?

  • @gorg: btw: as usable workaround i switch NewTab to SpeedDial, with removed SpeedDial items, TopShortcut, SearchField, Add+ button => this open new tab total empty, with also empty url... 🙂

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    New snapshot - 2022.6

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