Feature Request: F12 to switch off things

  • When using Opera 12, I always felt more in control than with other browsers. This was also due to the fact that one could switch off the dangerous things in a glimpse. One of the caveats of modern browsers is that one can not switch off javascript anymore. But this is very important when e.g. in a context where one is not sure what site this is and whether the site tries to do bad things. Feature request therefore: F12 with functions: 1/ Javascript on/off 2/ Cookies on/off 3/ Referrer on/off 4/ Plugins on/off 5/ Extensions on/off (if possible, don't know about blink arch) Another very nice feature was that one was able to set preferences by site (origin). This way I can quickly open up for origins where I'm confident (e.g. my own blog, online-banking etc) and have a default that is rather secure.

  • Moderator

    Click on the Site Infor icon in the URL field to set site preferences.

  • Oh, didn't see that. Thanks a lot. Could this menu be put on F12 then?


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