Email Problem

  • I have been using Vivaldi for my email for some time. I am using it through Mozilla Thunderbird and it has always worked just fine. Now I get an error message that says: [b]The size of the message you are trying to send exceeds a temporary size limit of the server. The message was not sent; try to reduce the message size or wait some time and try again. The server responded: 4.3.1 Insufficient system storage.[/b] Can anyone tell me what this means? The "size" of my outgoing email was two small sentences!! I really need this to work thru Thunderbird and not have to go into each of Vivaldi email accounts individually. Thank you for your reply. Terre

  • Vivaldi mail is down for me, I can not send or receive anything.

    But if you need to send a big file in the meantime, try or

    Emails services usually limit attachment size, mail allows you to send the largest files, I believe. But that does not mean other email services won't bounce the message/file because it is so big. Try the services I mentioned above.

  • Thank you. Mail seems to be totally down. I only tried to send an email of one sentence and it would not work. Hopefully it will come up soon.

  • mail is down, 4 hours since the problem has been reported here and no sign of life form the staff.

  • Hello Vivaldi
    I have been using your email for quite some time (Two years or so) I have the same issue as everyone else on this topic. I will try sending email again tomorrow. You guys are doing great things keep up the good work, but please fix the email, it is basic but very important. It would be very nice if you would set up a nice front end web site. (had a hard time finding this)

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi all,

    we trying to investigate and fix this issue. Thanks for reporting!


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