Vivaldi does not update extensions when the button pressed

  • I just clicked the update button in the Extensions window, and no update happened. UBlock Origin has been updated, but I had to install the new version manually by packing it from the web page with GetCRX and dropping the crx file onto the Extensions window. Older versions of Vivaldi used to update extensions, so what happened to this one?

  • @Streptococcus When an extension update is being pushed to the web store, it can take hours for it to actually arrive. The button to update extensions just checks for the latest version in the store, if there is none no update will happen. Furthermore: that an extension has been updated on Github doesn’t mean the update has been pushed to the web store. The simple conclusion: Vivaldi has nothing to do with it.

  • That new version was at the Chrome extensions site. To get an installer, I go to the page for the extension and use GetCRX to pack it into an installer, which I can then use by dropping it onto the extensions window. Vivaldi used to do the update itself, but it did not do it this time. I had that problem initially with Slimjet, but that has been fixed.

  • @Streptococcus When you aren’t willing to wait for the automatic update and you can see the webstore has a newer version, just uninstall the extension and reinstall from store, no need to pack anything. Just maybe a previous packing has prevented your extension from updating automatically.

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    BackUp / Export Extension's Settings before @luetage procedure.

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