Vivaldi, keeping Flash Support beyond Dec. 31, 2020!

  • Hello Team Vivaldi,
    Our school uses flash so that students can login to our website to submit there multiple choice question tests and exams online. The tests use flash for mulitiple choice questions that involve sounds and/or images. It is also used to automatically score the test, display their score, and also provides the results automatically by e-mail to the teacher's e-mail. It is important that flash continues to be supported. We have not been able to duplicate this with HTML5 coding. AGAIN, you should continue to support flash even AFTER December 31, 2020, because we need you! (especially when the major browser stop their support)

  • @winston895 We’ve known for several years that flash would stop being supported. Not being ready is on you. I also don’t see how you gonna force every student to use Vivaldi, is it all school computers? In that case simply stay on the latest Vivaldi version supporting flash until you can sort this out.

  • EOL for Flash was first announced in 2017 and supporting it after December 31 2020 would be a high security risk.
    Also, it's not really up to Vivaldi to support it after that date.

    Read this:

  • Moderator

    @winston895 With the risk of having insecure Flash and browser the administrator of your schools's computers may stop updates of Flash Player and Vivaldi so students can use the software.

    Vivaldi will never patch Vivaldi to support Flash Player after end of 2020.

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