Yet another FireFox Clone

  • [color=#000000]Yes there is another FireFox clone... In my search for a possible replacement for Opera (Presto) I keep my eyes out for new browsers I came across another new (to me) browser called Sundial. It seems to be reasonably capable. However I have some reservations I'll get to in a moment. One Huge advantage, it is a Small package: "[i]7.4 Mb for the Windows version, 11 Mb for the Mac OS X version, and 9.8 Mb for the Linux version[/i]". My download for Linux was 13.4 Mb. So why the heck are other browsers now more than double that size? The last version of Presto was about 12 Mb and includes(d) the mail client. To the browser which seems to be geared towards companies whose domains are registered on "Unifiedroot" (something I need to read up on) and who want a "[b]Branded[/b]" browser to help peddle their wares. Here come the reservations... As one who is leery about tracking I am wondering if there is something here to help the marketers. Supposedly it is: "[i]the latest version of the Mozilla open source software that has been enhanced to allow you to 'see' Internet addresses with new Top-Level Domains on the Unifiedroot network[/i]". Just a couple of notes. There are no install (or un-install) instructions. The ReadMe just has a link to their website. Not hard to figure out but... The installer was the Only One to recognize that Opera is loaded and asks to Import Opera files however it did not import bookmarks or contacts, just "cookies"(??). Otherwise it is FireFox in a different skin. Features I have been looking for to replace Presto are not there and I already have SeaMonkey and PaleMoon that only get half the job done. Just as I am reluctant to use a browser powered by a code from Google, I am also reluctant to continue to use Sundial which is "developed and is owned and maintained by Unifiedroot S&M". At least for now. Perhaps I am just 'Paranoid'.[/color]

  • "Based On Mozilla "Firefox" version 4"

    So probably not a good alternative security-wise.

  • @olli:

    "Based On Mozilla "Firefox" version 4"

    So probably not a good alternative security-wise.

    Yes, I picked up on that as I reading more about it and this Unifiedroot thing.
    Seems like they have been around for a while. If my memory circuits are working properly I think I heard of them and read up a bit.
    Was of no interest to me then and hasn't changed.

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