So, where's Vivaldi Browser?

  • I thought there was a clear project to develop a new browser. A new browser a little like Opera. A little like Opera before Opera 15+. I mean, there was some [url=]hints[/url] here and [url=]there[/url]. Are we getting the beta versions soon? :woohoo:

  • Before a Beta, there's generally an Alpha or Technology Preview or some such - Jon's former company tended to use the latter terminology.

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    I'd support totally a Vivaldi Browser. Jon knows what a browser should be: what the users want ;)

  • @ozoratsubasa:

    the users

    There is no such thing as "the users". There is a multitude of varying interests e.g. I can imagine that a lot of users want facebook integration into the browser - I for sure wouldn't want it, but I would want all the tools to control each and every aspect of my surf session plus some debugging. Others want full audio and video integration including closed source proprietary codecs (I would like that too but more the option to disable everything that is multimedia too, including HTML5 audio and video), still others want a full suite with integrated mail and IRC (I belong to that group too) while others hate it, etc. pp. ad infinitum.

    It is all about finding the fine balance for the target group because building a perfect browser for literally everyone is IMHO impossible …

  • I surely hope that Vivaldi browser will work in the tradition of the old Opera providing us with the Swiss Army Knife Experience as Opera always has.

    I hope work will be done under the hood when it comes to performance.

    Anyway, keeping fingers crossed for Vivaldi Browser to arrive in the first place. Then see what it brings and what plans there would be for it. I would be happy like a kid with a new toy… :cheer:

  • I would love to see a spiritual successor to Opera 11 or 12. Just an updated Opera would be nice. Keep all the features that made it a joy to use.

  • Hopefully this will come to fruition.

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