Dear Vivaldi team : could you do something for your report bug tool

  • Hey,
    I have been trying to post a bug report...everytime I try to submit, I got a "you've been blocked" page error.
    So its impossible to submit a bug about Vivaldi using Vivaldi.

    Sounds like a botched Bozo's work

    Heres the full report bug if you feel like doing things right.
    Too many small bugs....I'm switching back to Chromium or worse, Edge Chromium (this is not a troll)

    We looked and had a try with an other user in the forums :

    Here's a quick summary of our "tries" :
    [Right click dialer] looks like a browser prompt, triggered by Javascript in the extension.
    We tested in Chromium and it worked there. Also had a look in the code of the extension, all it does is:

    var phoneNumber = sanitizeNumber(meniuInfo.selectionText);
    phoneNumber = prompt("Edit number", phoneNumber);

    It appears to fail on the sanitizeNumber method.
    The prompt itself should work, it just doesn't get there. You can try this yourself by pasting into the address bar: javascript:prompt("Edit number", "123456789")

  • Moderator

    @Thomasdtg What is wrong with bug report page?
    Blocked? Any information of this? Can you create a screenshot?

    And what is 'Right click dialer'? How can i fnd information on this?

    I can not reproduce your issue with less information.
    You should explain step-by-step how we can reproduce.

  • Thnaks.
    it seems to get fine now.
    I'm just pissed to have to write a bug report 3 times.
    Cloudflare error message allowed me to think AGAIN that cloudFlare is a plague.

  • Moderator

    @Thomasdtg I tested and did not have any issue to send a report.
    Do you use TOR, VPN or a similar proxy, or changed browser's user-agent?

    I agree, Cloudflare is sometimes a tool hindering users from using some sites.

    I could ask our web team what may be wrong.
    //EDIT: Our web team told me: No issues at this time with Cloudflare.

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    Thanks..I don't use any TOR or VPN tool. I'm at the office, just behind a regular Firewall.
    So no specific reason to get CloudFlare error

  • Moderator

    @Thomasdtg Next time, please, make a screenshot of the Cloudflare error page, so the web team can investigate if a rule is too strict.

  • Moderator

    //EDIT: Please, if it happens again, contact via PM @gaëlle and send her any information (text, screenshot) of the message. Thanks in advance for your help. 🙂

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