Importing bookmarks - issues

  • With the release of the beta version of Vivaldi (awesome work guys!), I wanted to import and arrange my data from other browsers I used before. I noticed the following [i]minor issues[/i]: [ul] [li]When selecting "import from html file", the open dialog filters for exactly that - ".html". Obviously, an html file can have a different file extension. I have an *.htm file with bookmarks from an older version of Internet Explorer. After changing the file extension, the bookmarks were imported just fine.[/li] [li]The bookmarks I imported from the html file were put into a folder with the name "Importiert" (German for imported). Files I imported from Opera were put into a folder "Imported from Opera". So why not create a folder with the name "Imported from html file" instead?[/li] [li]The folder name "Imported From Opera" isn't localized in the German translation.[/li] [/ul]


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