Is a second Vivaldi webmail account possible?

  • Until today, my only active email account has been with Vivaldi. I need a second email account to use with a federal government website. I registered a new account with Vivaldi, used my other Vivaldi email account as the recovery email and thought all was well. It isn't. If I try to access email through the new account, it flips over the first account which the federal government refuses to allow me to use. I have entered the sms code generated from the second account to activate email, but it still flips to the first account.

    If Vivaldi doesn't allow two email accounts for a single human being, I shall go elsewhere.

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    @braveyallen15 , It would be a matter of contacting the team directly. I do not know if you can create 2 accounts, but explaining the case maybe they can activate a second account.
    Vivaldi mail is an additional service for the Vivaldi user, similar to the blog, but not something that the company primarily does, this is the browser.

  • There's nothing explicitly in the TOS that says someone can't have two accounts, as long as they abide by the terms.

    It does say users are not allowed to:
    "Create or use multiple accounts to abuse Vivaldi policies, bypass Vivaldi account limitations, circumvent filters or otherwise subvert restrictions placed on your account."
    But I don't think this applies for this case, this is more for trying to circumvent bans, impersonating another user etc.

    I think it's just a basic technical limitation, more specifically in the RoundCube client, and how it handles logins and cookies. It won't allow you to just switch accounts when the login cookies are already set. So they would need to be manually deleted every time the switch is done.


    The user would need to make sure what account they're logged into, and possibly delete all cookies from * every time they wanted to switch. It would require more than a basic level of knowledge of cookies from the user.

    Easiest solution would be to use different profiles in Vivaldi.

    Or to use a private window for one account - obviously having to login every time.

    Or use a second standalone install of Vivaldi.

    I believe this would work fine as long as other TOS are not violated.

    Edit: Oh and about this:

    the first account which the federal government refuses to allow me to use

    Getting the feds on Vivaldi's backside would however definitely be a breach of the TOS, so not sure what you did with the first account, but hopefully it was just a misunderstanding, yes?

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