[Request] Side panels as overlay above the web content

  • I'm quite impressed by Vivaldi so far and trying to accomplish some of the behaviors I'm getting used to with other browsers/extensions. One of them are side panels which are not displayed next to the web content, but rather overlaying above the web content. This is useful if you open a side panel only a short amount of time, e.g. to open a bookmark or adding a quick note. I create some CSS which does the job (partially) and can be used in the common.css. I hope such feature will make it into Vivaldi as panel option. [code]#footer { z-index: 2 } #tabs-container { z-index: 2 } #panels-container { height: 100%; position: fixed; z-index: 1 } /* panels on left / #main.left #panels-container { top: 1; left: 0; } / panels on right / #main.right #panels-container { top: 1; right: 0; } / tabs on top and window maximized / #browser.tabs-top.maximized #panels-container { padding-bottom: 91px } / tabs on top and window not maximized / #browser.tabs-top:not(.maximized) #panels-container { padding-bottom: 96px } / tabs on bottom and window maximized / #browser.tabs-bottom.maximized #panels-container { padding-bottom: 117px } / tabs on bottom and window not maximized / #browser.tabs-bottom:not(.maximized) #panels-container { padding-bottom: 117px } / tabs on left/right and window maximized / #browser.tabs-left.maximized #panels-container, #browser.tabs-right.maximized #panels-container { padding-bottom: 79px } / tabs on left/right and window not maximized / #browser.tabs-left:not(.maximized) #panels-container, #browser.tabs-right:not(.maximized) #panels-container { padding-bottom: 79px } / panels and tabs on left / #browser.tabs-left #main.left #tabs-container { margin-left: 34px; z-index: 1 } / panel and tabs on right / #browser.tabs-right #main.right #tabs-container { margin-right: 34px; z-index: 1 } / panels on left and tabs not on left / #browser:not(.tabs-left) #main.left #panels-container+#webview-container { margin-left: 34px; } / panels on right and tabs not on right */ #browser:not(.tabs-right) #main.right #panels-container+#webview-container { margin-right: 34px; }[/code] The pixel values might not be correct for any OS, I use this under Windows 7.

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    There are a lot of extensions that do this type of thing. I would object quite strenuously if this were how panels in the browser worked. The entire reason for genuine side panels and real vertical tabs is so that you can have them persist for long periods or even all the time without obscuring web content.

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    Floating Panels are available in Opera 12.17, so it makes sense to implement them as an option in Vivaldi. Especially with Autohide, which never made it into Opera, they would be quite useful.

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    As an option, sure. As a default behavior, absolutely not.

    The two main reasons NO Chrome-based browser has ever made me comfortable is 1) no mail client and 2) that the only way "panel-like" features, or even vertical tabs can be implemented is through extensions, and extension popups cover web content. The fact that they cover web content makes it good that they are not persistent. The fact that they are not persistent means that they are far less useful to me because they keep disappearing, and I need them to be visible either all the time or at least until I am done with them. I can't be clicking on a button or hitting a keyboard shortcut all the time to keep making something reappear. I need it to be like it is now, available to me as long as I want it, not obscuring web content, and able to be placed at any side of the browser.

    A floating panel option would be great for those who want one.

  • Floating/Overlay Panels (optional)

    I would really like an option for every web panel to open either side by side with tab or as an overlay floating panel above the tab.

    Opera has made three built-in messengers as overlay panels and it's awesome! But Vivaldi is much better: I can turn any page to a panel, not only three built-in messengers.

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    @altcode said in Feature requests for 1.13:

    Allow panels/webpanels to overlay a website's content.


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