Accessibility, what's that?!?

  • Did you folks change the forum software or something? Been away about a year and I have to say whatever this... is... "No sir, can't say I like it"

    Poorly organized, absurdly undersized fixed metric (px) fonts, broken layout when zoomed... Who thought this was a good idea.

    It's always disheartening when people making a browser can't even make an accessible or usable website. It doesn't exactly engender confidence.

    Because to be brutally frank whoever told you it's ok to declare font-sizes in PX, much less the ridiculous 12px, needs a ball gag and a good swift kick in the groin.

  • @deathshadow eh, never mind.

  • Moderator

    @deathshadow The forum is not made by vivaldi, it runs NodeBB. Vivaldi are limited in what they can customise.

    If there are some specific points where the styling could be improved, maybe that could be achieved, if you can identify it clearly (and politely).

  • Well, aren't you a little bundle of positivity...

    The forum is perfectly readable at 100% and it scales nicely to small display sizes. I think it's one of the more accessible forums I've used.

    I think something is wrong on your system. Maybe you need to enable DPI scaling on your system, if your're for instance running 4K on a ridiculously small laptop display.

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