Unable to automatically update

  • Whenever I try to update Vivaldi with "Help/Check for Updates..." I get the following error (annexed). This has been happening for several builds already. Currently on 1.0.321.3 (Beta) (32-bit) over Windows 10 Pro (Insider) x64 build 10565. Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/13544/Vivaldierror.PNG[/img]

  • I'm not sure, but I do not think that Beta will get Snapshot updates. That is, if there is a new snapshot available and you are using Beta, it will not update to the latest snapshot. It's as if these were two different browsers: there is the cutting edge snapshots, which might be unstable and are released frequently with the new features, and the more stable (but still a development version) beta, which has all the features released on snapshots when these features are considered more stable.

  • This has been happening with the snapshots posted on the Team Blog for at least six weeks; I only gave up now, but I had commented it on the Team Blog thread of a previous build.

    Also, build 1.0.321.3 is supposed to be a snapshot, right? It was posted today to teh Team Blog.

    I jumped over the official Beta release on purpose precisely to avoid the kind of issue you mentioned. If it was a matter of different "update streams", shouldn't the dialog box say "there are no updates at the moment" instead of "network error"?

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    I did install the Beta, and no updates were available, so I downloaded the Snapshot and installed it over the Beta. (Standalone install).

    All working as expected.

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    Same here.

  • @tigas:

    … If it was a matter of different "update streams", shouldn't the dialog box say "there are no updates at the moment" instead of "network error"?

    FWIW, just to see, I tried to update the Beta version from within to the new snapshot and it did NOT return an error message. It simply gave the usual "You're up to date" message. Your original error message indicates an error occurred in the update attempt, which indicates the updater was unable to continue for some reason. I suspect something is wrong with the Vivaldi installation that is carrying over into updates/new installs, perhaps something in your profile files or OS access permissions for the user account or installation folder.

    But, in any case, the Snapshot channel of versions will update just to new snapshots, not to TPs (now essentially obsolete as a descriptor) or Betas. 'Stable' versions are intentionally kept separate from developmental/experimental versions by keeping the update process isolated to within the same version channel.

  • Funny that, the "stable-channel" Windows 10 build released today to the slow ring (build 10586) which will become "TH2_Professional" for people not on Insider Preview, works properly. I updated my Windows 10 today and now Vivaldi checks for updates correctly. :woohoo:

    So, it seems that ever since I moved from the Windows 10 "official" build to "Preview" builds (I'm an Insider on the Slow Ring) Vivaldi stopped updating. Now that I'm back on an "official" build, Vivaldi is successfully checking for updates, since it now says that I'm "up-to-date"


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