Since update I can't swipe between tabs on the bottom bar

  • I used to be able to swipe on the bottom bar (where the back/speeddial/forward buttons are) to change between tabs. Now I updated to the new version, 3.2 I believe, but this feature is gone. Instead I can only do the swiping motion on the address bar at the top, which is much more inconvenient and pointless because I can't reach the top of the screen with my thumb.

  • Yup, I can confirm this, tab switching on the bottom bar isn't working now. I'm using the new 3.2 version on a Galaxy S10 with Android 10. I thought maybe it was related to the Galaxy gestures so I tried it using the classic navbar with no luck.

  • Can confirm too! Please bring back the feature.

  • Same here. Had a look through the flags but can't seem to find any flag that would change the behaviour. I too am quite used to this feature, so please do put that little bit of code back 🙂

  • Glad I'm not the only one "suffering" from this. Hard to stop the muscle memory! I would vote this also to be put back in. Using a Samsung Note10+, for the record.

  • I have the same issue and am really missing this feature.
    Using vivaldi 3.2.1996.30 on Android 7.0 Huawei Nova

  • Same here very inconvenient now since my note 20 ultra screen is so tall and trying to reach up there to swipe between tab sucks

  • Adding my voice here to ask that this feature be restored. I used it all the time. I'll be rolling back to an older version for now.

  • @inchieri
    Hi, fixed in latest snapshot.
    Use this or check next update to stable.

    Cheers, mib

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