Replacing Windows 7 with Linux?

  • I thought about going with Windows 10, but i would have to delete my Microsoft publisher program and files. I have years of Publisher files i can't do without. Would I still be able to use with Linux? Thanks

  • @bigdog33 You cannot run MS Publisher natively in Linux, but you would have some potential options.

    1. Create a Windows 7 VM within your new Linux host system, in which your MSP would continue to run as per your historical familiarity. Personally, because of Win7 now being obsolete & ergo even more of a security hazard than before, i would disable the VM's network access, so the unsecured Win7 never even touches the big bad world out there.

    2. Don't run a VM, but instead install Wine, & see if it supports MSP [it supports some but not all versions of MS Office, with varying levels of success & functionality].

    2.1. A variant of the preceding is PlayOnLinux, but with similar remarks.
    2.2. Another variant, commercial [you'd have to buy it] might be CrossOver.

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