Address Bar disabled: Impossible to type in an URL?

  • This is bizarre: We have a choice as to whether you want the Address Bar displayed. When its not, it seems impossible to type in an URL. You'd think some pop up bar would display when you hit Alt_D when in Full Screen, like in the old Opera before Chrome ruined everything. Firefox is almost as bad - Alt_D brings you out of Full Screen but at least it shows an Address Bar, not that we need 2 lines wasted at the top. Alt_D should show the bar then vanish once you've arrived at the new website. Just like the old Opera.

  • The UI is not finished. Since it make sense to be able to type and go to a URL even with the addressbar hidden, it stands to reason some solution for this will be worked out.

  • Hit F2 and type an URL. Booom!!! :D

  • @An_dz:

    Hit F2 and type an URL. Booom!!! :D

    Dang, Bud. Thanks! Not being a keyboard-shortcut kinda guy, I'm mostly totally ignorant of what those options are. One more tool at my disposal, to help new users.

  • F2 works. Thanks. On my older computer its a little slow to respond but it works. Then I changed the awkward F2 shortcut to Alt+D that everybody else uses after deleting it in another area that I never use. Now I can get rid of the Address Bar most of the time.

    I'm wondering if others are noticing that when they type in the area of Filter Quick Commands there is a delay from the time they press down a key on their keyboard to when it appears on the screen in that box. There is no such delay when typing in the Address Bar.

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