New tab, focus address bar

  • Hi,
    I always use the shortcut to open a new tab.
    On other browsers the focus is on the address bar as soon as the tab is opened.
    On Vivaldi it is the content of the page that seems to have the focus.
    Do you know how to change this focus?

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    @Ledidic Settings, Tabs, Tab-Handling, and disable this setting:

    Focus Page Content on New Tab

  • Already unchecked my problem doesn't seem to be related to that. 😞

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    @Ledidic What are you using for your New Tab page? I cannot reproduce this with the Start Page, or a URL to my own website. Are you using a Search Engine page for your New Tab Page (Settings, Tabs, New Tab Page)?

  • Yes a search engine page :

    edit :

    I just did a test with a tab that opens on an empty page and the address bar has the focus this time.
    So it would be linked to the search engine.

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    @Ledidic It seems reasonable to assume that if you have a search engine as your default new page that you would want to search rather than type a URL, but DuckDuckGo does not force focus on the Search field.

  • @Pesala you're right. Now new tab means blank page and i allowed search on address bar. thx

  • Just switched to Vivaldi and stuck with same thing. I'm using custom home page that dont have search field

    So when "Focus Page Content on New Tab" is checked, focus on page content and to search something 1) (ctrl + T to open new tab) 2) press "CTRL + L" (to focus on address bar) - 3) "search something" - 4) Enter
    When "Focus Page Content on New Tab" is unchecked", cursor on address bar but text in address bar is not selected and to search something not much ease - 1) (ctrl + T to open new tab) 2) press "CTRL + A" or "CTRL + HOME" to select url in address bar - "search something" - 3) Enter

    Desired behavior can be archived in chrome extension "New Tab Redirect" with setting checked "Always update tab, no redirect (Enable for cursor in the address bar" but in Vivaldi that options not working + Extension reproduce same bug just like in chrome - short white flash (for half of second browser show white page before requested url)

    What i'm hoped to see in after clicking but [+] button or press CTRL-T (chrome + extension)
    e1c0de87-8001-46ac-8c52-bb235a039bde-image.png ![c84f095d-5c89-4e30-a8d8-5b7f65ad62df-image.png]
    What happens in vivaldi with "Focus Page Content on New Tab" unchecked

  • @Hotery Me too this is driving me nuts haha. Hoping someone can help : )

  • @Pesala said in New tab, focus address bar:

    @Ledidic Settings, Tabs, Tab-Handling, and disable this setting:

    Focus Page Content on New Tab

    Over here that worked but the opposite: enable that setting. I have a search engine as new tab and suddenly the active cursor was in the address bar behind the URL but now with this setting enabled the cursor is in the search field. Makes no sense to me and drove me crazy before I found this here 🙂

  • @Ledidic That is my question too.

  • Any solution? the update fix bug again

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