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  • Hello, I would like to suggest an option on the web download panel, at the moment it is in conjunction with other applications such as bookmarks, history, etc.

    I suggest that you take the Firefox browser as a reference, since the download panel has it at the top and when making a download it does not make a sudden jump as in Vivaldy, it simply shows a floating window that a download is being made. (I attach a reference image)

    It is very uncomfortable that when downloading any file the download window interrupts immediately showing the download, it seems to me that when jumping the download panel in that way the computer consumes many resources to be so resounding that jump, and more when it is on small screens it bothers too much that panel to have it open ...

    Thank you very much for your attention, I hope you take this suggestion into account

    Sin título-1.jpg

  • This post is deleted!

  • @luetage Go to vivaldi://settings/downloads/ and disable ‘open download panel automatically'. The panel doesn’t need more resources than a dropdown would. If resources are your biggest concern, you should rather think twice whether you want to use a browser with a UI built on web technologies.

  • When the option 'open the download panel automatically' is disabled, it happens that it does not show when the download has been completed, I think this topic is important for many users, it must be prioritized, the solutions provided are not the best, the topic about resources was a simple comment, please do not divert the topic on this comment

  • @christiancruz Why don't you use floating panels?
    You can also use Notify on Completed Downloads if you disable Open Download Panel Automatically.

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