WordPress Newbie First Page. Does it Work?

  • https://kgdev5tc.vivaldi.net/covid-19-decisions-decisions/

    Is visible, logged in - or Not.

    But the "Root" URL https://kgdev5tc.vivaldi.net/

    Indicates that the Blog does not seem to be active.

    What Do I need to Do now?

    I'm used to building Static Websites. Never tried WordPress Before

    Advice appreciated

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    @KGdev5tc Your blog post is visible to me.

  • @KGdev5tc Your main site URL is still showing "Nothing Found" but the blog post is visible.

    Maybe a Wordpress glitch. Try to edit and republish the post, or try changing theme and back again.

    If nothing works, report it here:
    Choose Vivaldi.net website & services under product.

  • @Pathduck Thanks All. First Thing I did was to "Create and Publish a Page" after leaving the default presentation set, rather than "Simple" appearance.

    Could it be this CMS system absolutely requires you to setup themes and whatnot First?

    I just assumed that the first page would show up automagically.

    @rse about face, as usual.

    Search Engines for Tutorials let to materials that had no bearing
    on the Vivaldi approach to managing Wordpress.

    Is there a Vivaldi Tutorial Idiots Guide for this thing anywhere?


  • @Pesala Thanks for the quick response

    After 2 days I figured that someone would try posting some comments, especially about how to find the origins of the image that I used on the page.

    But nothings been added. So maybe it isnt accepting comments
    for moderation? I came straight to the Forum, so do not know if anything is waiting for approval yet.

  • @KGdev5tc Did you look to check if a theme is activated? Try to change once and back?


    Did you try to just do an update on the post and see if that triggers a rebuild?

    Is there a Vivaldi Tutorial Idiots Guide for this thing anywhere?

    There are some articles on blogs in the Help pages:

    Wordpress is probably the most used CMS around, so there's tons of guides if you search the web. Not all good obviously, so best place to start is the official documentation:

    Vivaldi's version is very limited in feature-set so it can be used by lots of users with as little trouble as possible.

    I think something's gone wrong in the creation of your blog, and it's not your fault. Did you try to contact support like I asked?

    By the way, there should be a comment awaiting moderation on your post πŸ˜‰

  • @Pathduck : Thanks for That. I'm an Web2.0 Luddite sadly; usually
    delegate all the fancy presentation stuff to someone that enjoys it.
    In most businesses.

    I'll go and check My Blog logged-in, but it confuses the heck out
    of me because the default is not some kind of WebEditor showing
    the Blog "Root" page but only the Private Messages.

    I assumed that the Welcome message ( replying to that ) would
    go back to some kind of "postmaster" and be visible to an admin

    But am probably just replying to myself, there. LoL

    Ridiculous software. Absolutely No Idea how to get some kind of
    WYSIWYG edit page for my Blog.

    I'll just stick with the 90s Static Page method of building Websites
    if this CMS malarky becomes a hand over hand learning curve.

  • @Pathduck

    All I see is This :

    KGDev – Be Gentle
    Private: Hello to you πŸ™‚
    May 7, 2020 β€” Posted inUncategorized β€” 4 min readEditPrivate: Hello to you πŸ™‚
    Welcome to your new Blog! We’re really excited to see what you do with it. This private post is here to show you what your posts will look like and to give you a few tips on getting started. Feel free to edit it, delete it or keep it saved as private for reference later.

    If you’re familiar with WordPress, you’ll be right at home. To get started creating your own posts head to your Dashboard and click Add New to bring up the editor.

    Well, that 4min read "Introduction" has absolutely No step by Step Shortform Instruction if you are NOT Familiar with Wordpress.

    So I Guess I'l just have have to delegate it to someone that IS

    ROTFLMAO @"Introduction" Page...

    ( I used to write technical documentation as part of my job )

  • @KGdev5tc Right... what I suspect happened is you edited the introduction post, which is set to private by default.

    Under the Publish heading on the right side, change the Visibility to Public and click Update.

    As for the quality of the instructions - it does say "head to your Dashboard and click Add New to bring up the editor." πŸ˜‰

    In my experience, step-by-step instructions are just as prone to failure as other kinds of guidance, and are detrimental to users learning how to do things on their own. After all, it's not exactly "rocket science" we're dealing with πŸ˜‰

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