With every update Vivaldi becomes more and more unstable

  • It seems that with every update you add a new bug! Closed status bar and tab bar on start up is annoying, but now tabs just close unexpectedly or the browser outright just crashes.

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    @Namal You've provided no information to address your issues.

    Be aware that what you are experiencing is not seen by Vivaldi users in general - so to unsnarl your situation, a great deal more data is necessary.

    What version and release number of Windows are you on? What 3rd party security software do you use? What is your hardware platform? What version of Vivaldi are you using? What extensions have you installed? What exactly are you doing when you get a crash?

    I run three different versions of Vivaldi on six different machines daily, Win10, Win7, and Linux, without issues. Therefore, to address your situation, it would be necessary to know more about it. It clearly is not normal for Vivaldi.

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