Enable sorting of Tabs according to Stack (new tab position)

  • Hello I will start with a summary of what I mean, I would like a combination of "After Active Tab" and "As Tab Stack with Related Tab" for the New Tab Position.

    I use a lot the Automatic Tab Stacking feature but I also use the shortcuts for navigating the tabs, the shortcuts I use are "Previous Tab (by order)" and "Next Tab (by order)" which seems to work the same way as Tab cycle when the "As Tab Stack with Related Tab" feature is enabled.

    The problem I have is that when I switch tabs they don't switch considering their visual sorting (I will upload image) which would correspond to "After Active Tab" sorting but they sort to whatever tab was last created (which is implicitly programmed in the "As Tab Stack with Related Tab" feature).

    Okay so consider this scenario I have "As Tab Stack with Related Tab" enabled and I have two tab stacks atm. (Yes web pages are in spanish lol)

    alt text

    Now if I were to open a new tab from the first (1) stack the new tab would be stacked but the sorting would move it after the second (2) stack as the second stack is the most recent one.

    alt text

    Now if i were to guide myself by looking at the tab panel and think that if i move forward two times using "Next Tab (by order)" I would open the new tab I would simply jump into the second (2) stack which is not intuitive.

    On the other hand if i use the "After Active Tab" option it would look like this:

    alt text

    In this case the tab order you see in the tab panel matches the actual tab order which means that the navigation using "Previous Tab (by order)" and "Next Tab (by order)" is intuitive BUT I MISS THE TAB STACKING FEATURE 😭

    I'm sorry if this is confusing I hope the images can help clarify the problem.
    There are some workarounds that I will describe next that I hope can give some ideas to the devs.

    1. Considering I use the "After Active Tab" option I can "manually" (by using automatic select and tab stack) create the tab stacks which would solve the problem but I simply seem to forget to do it to be honest and when I realize I have a lot of tabs open.
    2. Considering I use the "As Tab Stack with Related Tab" I can use "Move Active Tab Forward" and "Move Active Tab Backward" which moves the whole stack right and left respectively and re-sorts the tabs it contains to match their visual order.

    I hope this feature can be implemented! It would really help power users which use shortcuts and one of the most relevant features of Vivaldi such as the Tab Stack. Thank you for your attention.

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    @CnesK There are a number of bugs related to stacks and tab cycling. I wish these would be fixed as it is very annoying.

  • @LonM Yes, although I think that the way this works is intentional for the devs, all I want is for them to give us the option to sort the tabs the way they look in the tab panel when using tab stacks. Hopefully they will listen.

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