ad blocker not blocking all ads!

  • try it:
    go to

    If you get the To continue watching press "Allow" just wait a few seconds and close the popup from the "X"

    in brave browser now you get to see the video properly.
    same with ublock origin ad blocker.
    but in vivaldi you get redirected to porn, or get automatic junk downloads or redirected to other harmful sites.

    please fix! šŸ™‚

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    @peefy , video load flawless for me, with uBlock Origin, uBlock Origin Extra, Privacy Badger, Decentraleyes and ClearUrls Add On active. No popups, no redirect, no allow to continue messages, only a llittle banner on the top "Buy me a coffee..."

  • uBlock Filters in uBlock Origin block most of the annoyances there, the site also uses also a blockadblock.min.js which is filtered aswell.
    uBlock Origin+uBlock Origin Extra and you're good to go.
    Even if you import uBlock Filters in Vivaldi, it probably doesn't support yet all the filters syntax.

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    @iAN-CooG , I have all the uBO filters also in the Vivaldi adblocker, but at the moment I don't use it, until it allows me to selectively disable items as I can with the extension from the context menu

  • obviously touting the brave browser.

  • hi all,

    thanks for your comments.

    ublock origin works indeed, that is what i said in my first message,
    but i want to use the native buildin vivaldi ad blocker (withoud ublock)!
    But the vivaldi ad blocker does not block all these ads and popups.

    At one time (some months ago) vivaldi did block all ads from the site , but then it stopped to do so. I do not know what was changed since then.

    Anyway, I would love to use vivaldi without any extensions, and still being able to view sites with many ads like Maybe vivaldi needs to add the ublock lists?

  • @Priest72 what a silly remark.
    I am reporting a bug, in order to make vivaldi better!
    Please abstain from flame wars here.

  • @peefy said in bug: ad blocker not blocking all ads!:

    @Priest72 what a silly remark.
    I am reporting a bug, in order to make vivaldi better!
    Please abstain from flame wars here.

    But you're reporting it in the wrong place, and there's not enough information to tell that it is actually a bug in Vivaldi. How to report bugs in Vivaldi.

    Vivaldi doesn't choose which ads to block, you do, through the filter lists you enable. You need to figure out which filter is blocking the ad in the configurations which do block the ads. Then verify that you have enabled that filter in Vivaldi as well. Others have reported that they're able to visit the page in Vivaldi without seeing the ad -- this almost certainly indicates that the "bug" is with your configuration.

    The longer, harder way to find the filter is to compare the lists you have enabled in Vivaldi to the ones you have enabled in a setup that does block the ad. The relevant filter will likely be in one of the filter lists you have enabled there that you don't have enabled in Vivaldi. Simply adding that filter list to your Vivaldi config hopefully will resolve the issue. If not, verify that the desired filter is indeed in the list to be certain you've got it enabled prior to filing a bug.

    The easier way to find out which filter is responsible for blocking the ads you're seeing in Vivaldi is to use the uBlock Origin logger. Just open that up and find the URL for the ad (it'll be in red), click on the filter name, figure out which filter list is comes from, then go enable that filter list in Vivaldi. Again, this will likely resolve your issue. If it doesn't, try to verify you've got that filter enabled and no conflicting filter taking precedence over it. At that point, you might have found a bug in Vivaldi, and should follow the steps outlined in the page I linked above.

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    bug: ad blocker not blocking all ads!

    Yes and no. Depends on which sites you visit, most websites have blocker anti-measures now.

    You need to activate some more blocklists to stand against ads and tracking.
    Settings > Privacy > Tracker and Ad Blocking
    Button "Manage Sources"

    And you should be aware that Vivaldi's Ad/tracker Blocker will be enhanced.

    But i can see that click to play the video opens other tabs with ad content.

    If you think that your issue is a bug, please read and report.

  • To watch the video you need to have JS enabled for these domains:

    Then there are scripts that need to be neutralized and it is obvious from uBlock log panel.
    (uBlock filter list)
    +js(aeld, , pop)ā€‹ā€‹
    +js(aopr, adb)ā€‹ā€‹
    ā€‹+js(aopw, _pop)ā€‹ā€‹
    (uBlock filter list - resource abuse)
    ā€‹+js(aopr, miner)ā€‹ā€‹
    These are for "nxload"

    fuckadblock.js-3.2.0 << redirection to neutered resource
    This is for "cloudflare" and it is interesting because it means uBlock is redirecting the network request to a local JS file instead of the remote file.

    Now, I don't know if Vivaldi can apply the same "rules" as above for "nxload" by loading the uBlock filter lists but I strongly doubt it can redirect connections to "neutered resources", which BTW must be provided somehow.

    That said, here we are speaking of "features" not "bugs".

  • Thanks for all your detailed and useful answers guys!

    obviously ad blocking is not so simple šŸ˜‰

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