Horizontal Blue Lines On Pages Covering Content

  • On the latest Macbook Pro running the latest Catalina I occasionally get thin horizontal blue lines covering the page, like the scan lines on an old tube TV. Sometimes scrolling down gets rid of them, but often it doesn't. It appears on some pages and not on others. It does appear on other Chromium browsers and also on Chrome, but since Vivaldi is my default browser, I am posting here.

    It seems that disabling hardware acceleration in Vivaldi's preferences fixes the issue, but I am not happy having to do it.

    I've seen others report the same issue but didn't find it on this forum.

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    @ZerroMan It is your choice. Disabling hardware acceleration is the way to fix the issue. Maybe it causes others.

  • @Pesala Hm, it doesn't cause issues in FF, or Safari (also webkit). I know it's my choice, just like what browser I use is my choice. But the point is, it is an issue and I'd guess the developers would like to know about it, so they can fix it.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • Is it any different after clearing the cache?

    Also what macOS version and what Vivaldi version?

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