Really~ Really~ need, Please add a function.

  • I point out the problem of uncomfortable Vivaldi.

    It's a synchronization problem.
    I'm angry because I blew up all my important data.
    Please allow individuals to check Vivaldi's personal information.

    As I write, it comes out as spam ...
    This site is also a problem... So I tried to attach it as a text file, I attach it as an image because the file is not attached.
    A_1.JPG A_2.JPG A_3.JPG

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    @ASSAYARO Sync is not meant to be a backup for your data. If you use it wrongly, it can destroy your data (as you discovered).

    Reset Password Warning.png

    Its purpose is to synchronise data between devices. That is all.

    I export Bookmarks to an HTML file from time to time. Professionals will use some kind of disk mirroring software to make backups.

    There is a feature request to Export/Import for User Settings. That will be good for backing up shortcuts, program options, search engines, etc.

    The recommended method is to backup your profile folder.

    See: See Full Reset of Vivaldi.

  • I went through the synchronizing process as Vivaldi Support Team told me.
    But the synchronizing process was not done.
    In our country, synchronized personal data can be checked by individuals and downloaded...
    always~ always~ always~ always~always~
    This is because the sync file is linked to a personal Webhard linked to e-mail.
    So, Vivaldi is uncomfortable.
    Especially, do you understand that I can't see my important information?
    If Vi~ have the option to automatically create a backup? Wouldn't that be nice?
    Really... I was stupid. The illusion that it would be good to sync.  
    I can only sigh now because of my lost data.
    Now Vivaldi is only going to do simple web surfing.
    I felt comfortable with Vivaldi until he had a problem.

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