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  • @Ja27CS2g there are numerous differences between Vivaldi and other browsers, too many to list. Perhaps it's best to just point out Vivaldi's mission, which is to build a browser that adapts to the user not the other way around. This means their focus is on giving the user control over the browser. If you take a little time to look through the settings, you'll see that Vivaldi offers a much greater variety of options to configure. Much of what gives Vivaldi their flexibility to make these kinds of changes available is the fact that instead of just skinning the browser for branding purposes, they've completely rewritten the user interface, and have done so using web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). This means that people with the knowledge & skills to do so can further modify the user interface; there are a lot of examples of doing just this in the Modifications category of the forum. While this isn't something every user is going to be doing, that highlights another point of Vivaldi's target audience -- they aren't trying to be "the one browser for everyone." They don't appeal to the lowest common denominator, and some things just work differently than Chrome and the various Chromium-based browsers. They aren't trying to be like everybody else, but that's why we're all here -- those browsers that work for everyone else don't offer us the configurability that we seek. Vivaldi has a specific goal in mind, and it achieves that goal well. If it accommodated everybody, it would accommodated nobody to a very high degree (I refrain from using the word perfectly, because no browser will suit any significant number of people perfectly). So if tweaking the browser, along with lots of innovative features that enable new and unique workflows is what you're seeking, them Vivaldi is likely the browser you want. There is a very active community in the forum, which is another of Vivaldi's special attributes. In fact, the community preceded the browser. Vivaldi provides the home that so many lost when Opera ditched Presto. It's not a coincidence that the same man who built that old home built this one as well.

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  • The most important in a bright software is that it works and it works well, not that it is open-sourced or closed-sourced. You guys at Vivaldi do a wonderful job with your browserS and what you deliver is (far) better than other competitors who care more about ethics than white elephants they propose to their users (I'm thinking to the collapsing 'fox saying that).

    I miss Presto and Carakan too. It was a wonderful browser couple, which made me love Opera at first sight when I saw them in action in Opera 10.50. I finally ditched it at 12.16 when I found that browser compatibility was not good enough. Vivaldi browser sweet talked to me when I saw what it consists in: the Presto-Opera based UX with the browser compatibility I missed in the final versions of the ancient Opera. That's why you became my default browser. Chromium is a good compromise.

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